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    We're not just developing signature of electric motorcycle. We're your partners in crime.

    Adaptive segment motorcycle first time in the world.

    As Adaptive as you!

    NEW YEAR 2020⚡

    Experience soon
    Final stage of development before completion of the experience ready signature of electric motorcycle- Breeze.
    A motorcycle in the world first time with all new adaptive segment (nature like adaption), can only be seen in MOTION ⚡ BREEZE.
  • Vision

    Signature of Electric


    We at Motion aims at exploring possibilities of alignment of nature with technology while developing an electric vehicle. The "Breeze" is essentially an electric motorcycle which not only reduces the emissions.


    But also gives required performance to the rider as it uses the state of art technology.


    Breeze will be of premium category but with a customer centric version & price range.

    Adorned with the traits like adaptability, elegance, performance, co-operation, feedback and utility as well.


    This would be first of its kind experience.

    This will be a new breeze in the field of private vehicles

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    We've got a top notch team!

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    First glimpse of Breeze on the road

    Breezing 0-100 in less than 6 seconds




    ○ Versatility / Adaptation : Adaptive segment - Our USP (Applied for patent)
    ○ Feedback : Vehicle describes it own health and guides you to the best experience.
    ○ Performance : Electric induction motor specially designed for the purpose can provide
    high power to weight ratio and higher efficiency (70-90%).
    ○ Utility : space to travel with goods.
    ○ Operating cost : ( considering a full charge of Rs.140 and with a range of +250km
    one will spend about Rs.7200, adding maintenance the total per year = Rs.8000)
    ○ Range : 100, 250, 400 km variants
    ○ Accessories : Boost, Headset and Solar boost
    ○ Since less number of parts (5 major and few minor), production becomes efficient.


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